libreoffice cant access document on network share

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libreoffice cant access document on network share

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Hi - this may be a dumb question.

I have a file on a smb network share that is a wod document. If I am in linux and double click it, if brings up libreoffice write as expected and displays the word document.

If i try this in Ghostbsd , it gives the impression that it recongizes it needs to be open by libreoiffice on GhostBSD and seems to try and launch it, but never completes that launch or open it.

If I move the document from the network share to the home folder on the local machine, double clicking it there does open up the document and launch libreoffice successfully.

If I go into libreoffice directly and launch it, it appears to NOT let me navidate in the open file dialog box to the network location. Seems to happen when I launch RStudio as well.

What accounts for that behaviour? How do I make an app on GhostBSD successfully launch from clicking a file on a network share, and how can I point to a network destination if an app in GhostBSD is already open and I use the open file dialog box?


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