Too many issues

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Too many issues

Post by Huck »

:cry: This makes me sad, but I have to get a good OS going on this laptop. Issues that have been happening are turning out to be persistent, and new ones are cropping up each session. None of these I've seen in various linux distros with the exception of crashes at first boot after install.

The rest of it, the time manager issues, the tray presenting greyed out icons, the disappearance of installed software (not just from the menu, they apparently uninstall after a boot!) and on and on.

I want GhostBSD to succeed, but to me it's too much work to keep going and some of the issues are maddening. I've re-downloaded and burned GhostBSD to two USB sticks and two DVDs and checked them for integrity and they check out perfectly, so it's not a problem with the media etc. I install to hard drive and the issues begin.

The latest one, the thing of vanishing software installed from the "software station," is unique, as far as I can see as I've done searches and found nothing like this before. It was four games and chrony and pulseaudio and libdvdcss (and a few others).

Good luck with a great project,

- Huck

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