I connect to WiFi, but no internet?

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I connect to WiFi, but no internet?

Post by jageorge72 »

I am far from a computer geek, but this is the first time I am testing a BSD operating system. Went from Windows ME, to a Mac Pro, and now currently run Linux Mint as my main desktop. Testing GhostBSD on an old laptop..... possibly to use as a daily computer down the road.

So I created a bootable USB drive, and I an running off of that right now. I have not actually installed it on the laptop yet. Everything looks great! I type in my WiFi password, and it connects. It shows a full strength signal. But...... when I open Firefox..... it doesn't work. No internet access. The tab says "Server Not Found", and I'm getting a "Hmmm. We're having trouble finding that site." message. What's wrong?

Any ideas? This is on an 11 year old Acer laptop. I recently test drove Haiku on a bootable USB, and my internet came up just fine.

I can provide more info if needed. Appreciate any help!

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Re: I connect to WiFi, but no internet?

Post by plumtreed »

Like you, I am not a Geek either...........I have had a similar result but when I entered the following, I got a connection....

sudo /etc/rc.d/netif restart

sudo /etc/rc.d/routing restart

dhclient wlan0 or 1, whatever yours is

....the icon shows and Internet/wifi is OK but tends to be a bit flaky.....doesn't return after sleeping or drops out for no apparent reason?

.......Have to say I never got wifi going in Haiku

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Start with issuing manual command to verify & test WiFi

Post by wb7odyfred »

Hi JaGeorge72 Welcome to testing out GhostBSD.

After setting up the internet connection, see if your routing services are running properly.
Did you edit those three files with your wifi connection information?
# 3 Files to add configuration lines into /boot/loader.conf /etc/rc.conf /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf

Check dmesg to see if you encountered errors in loading firmware to the wifi device.

Code: Select all

dmesg | tail -20
Try out the ping command on http://ghostbsd.org to test DNS Domain Naming Service resolution

Code: Select all

ping -c 3 ghostbsd.org
use Netstat commands to list out the new network interface connections
use Sockstat commands to list out the socket connections

Code: Select all

netstat -r
or network status interface

Code: Select all

netstat -i
or socket status ipv4

Code: Select all

sockstat -4
Check connectivity with ping command to a specific IP address like Google Domain Name service
Ping google Domain Naming Service (DNS) 3 times.

Code: Select all

ping -c 3
Ping Open Domain Naming Service (DNS) 3 times.

Code: Select all

ping -c 3
Ping Hurricane Electric Internet Service Provider 3 times.

Code: Select all

ping -c 3 he.net
Here I made a long post using various commands to manually setup a wifi connection for , Plumtreed.
I ,too , started with limited knowledge of "How to Connect to Wifi". Once three files were edit with the right information for my wifi connection, the automation took over and automatically connected me to the internet.

You can report here in this forum. Post your results from running those commands if you need more help.

What version of GhostBSD are you running

Code: Select all

uname -a

Manually issue the wpa_supplicant with the background Dameon option and dhclient commands for your wlan0 interface.

Code: Select all

killall dhclient
wpa_supplicant -B -i wlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf 
dhclient wlan0
# restart the two network services: network interface and network routing

Code: Select all

service  netif restart
service routing restart
Best of luck in making a solid WiFi connection and report your questions and solutions here,
Hope you enjoy GhostBSD and make it your daily driver on that old laptop.

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Re: I connect to WiFi, but no internet?

Post by ericbsd »

@wb7odyfred service netif restart is deprecated in GhostBSD 18, it is service network restart.

@jageorge72 like it was announced https://www.ghostbsd.org/node/182 there is a bug and removing dhcpcd package solve that problem.

Code: Select all

sudo pkg delete dhcpcd
sudo dhcpcd
sudo reboot

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Re: I connect to WiFi, but no internet?

Post by coilsynthetic »

Do you have any internet access at all? geometry dash apk online

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