Read only filesystem as root?

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Read only filesystem as root?

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I am a Linux user wanting to try a *BSD and decided upon GhostBSD.
Downloaded and installed it on a 64Gb USB stick with which everything apparently worked properly.

My box (Sun Ultra 24) has two NVidia Quadro FX 580 cards which in turn run three 19" monitors in Xinerama layout.
I am used to dealing with the xorg.conf file to get things right so I set about doing it the same way I have done with a half dozen different distributions, with Devuan being the one I have used for almost seven years now.

With GhostBSD (as has happened with all Linux distributions), the out-of-the-box xorg configuration does not detect all three monitors and the nvidia utilities do not work for this either and as a result it has to be edited accordingly

The problem at hand is that I have attempted to boot with a non-working xorg.conf file and need to edit/adjust it it.
ie: the screen is black and frozen, only way out is a hard reset.

To that effect I boot into GhostBSD as a single user and proceed to become root.
But this gets me a read-only file system which keeps me from editing the xorg.conf file.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Read only filesystem as root?

Post by wb7odyfred »

Got this from another forum post: mount -u -o rw / # change single user read only mount of "/" root directory to "rw" status


0. Boot single user mode
1. Root prompt # mount -u -o rw /
2. edit /etc/rc.conf with proper changes to the vbox lines
3. reboot
4. back into GhostBSD :)

Sorry, you did not receive a timely answer JHM. Fred Finster WB7ODY
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