Some bugginess in Update Station

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Some bugginess in Update Station

Postby dinsdale » Mon Dec 25, 2017 3:45 am


I clicked on update station expecting to see a UI and nothing came up. So I clicked it again. And again, and then when I saw something flicker in the launcher bar I clicked it a couple more times to see what the flicker was.

It turns out that you can apparently open multiple copies of Update Station at the same time (see screenshot). tee hee. oops!

So, when the windows finally did come up showing my update, I noticed that the button has the words truncated, but I pressed the "Install updat" button anyway.

Text in button truncated
Clicked the update Station button lots of times before anything showed up.
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Some bugginess in Update Station

Re: Some bugginess in Update Station

Postby NeverSimple » Mon Dec 25, 2017 5:48 pm

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