Configuring and tweaking your GhostBSD System.


Postby Jes » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:36 am

I don't know if the equalizer can be enabled with all sound cards. My laptop is a Thinkpad T420s and the sound module (I guess it's integrated into the kernel) is SND_HDA.

To enable the equalizer I put in /boot/loader.conf:

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Then you can control it with:

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mixer bass +/-value
mixer treble +/- value

Another trick to increase the volume:

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sysctl hw.snd.vpc_0db=10

You should be cautious with this value, if too low it can generate distortion.

If you want to go further, an small script can be used to modify the equalizer with keys. For example, with xbindkeys.

The script could be like:

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WHICH=$1 # bass or treble
VALUE=$2 # +x -x

m=`/usr/sbin/mixer $WHICH $VALUE`
exec /usr/local/bin/notify-send -i "audio-volume-high-symbolic.svg" "${m}" -t 1 &

and in your ~/.xbindkeysrc:

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"/home/jjess/sbin/basstreble bass +5"
   Mod4 + q

"/home/jjess/sbin/basstreble bass -5"
   Mod4 + a

"/home/jjess/sbin/basstreble treble +5"
   Mod4 + w

"/home/jjess/sbin/basstreble treble -5"
   Mod4 + s

replacing 'jjess'' with your user, and 'basstreble' with the name of your script. Then you can increase/decrease equalizer values with WindowsKeys + q/a/w/s


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